Jetski Camping On Catalina Island

Jetski to a Secluded So Cal Island Beach and Sleep Under the Stars


We offer the most unique group camping experience in all of SoCal.  After an adrenaline pumping, guided jetski ride across the beautiful Pacific Ocean, land on your secluded Catalina Island beach.  Snorkel, paddleboard or fish (just to name a few) before sleeping under the stars. We offer everything you need for a camping trip you will never forget.  Minimum of 6 jetskis to book.

The Jetski Ride


The guided ride from Long Beach to Catalina Island on a jetski is utterly amazing.  Ride with dolphins, sea lions, and if you're lucky, whales.  



Let the ocean sing you to sleep.  Camping on Catalina is one of the most peaceful and surreal spots anywhere in So Cal.  We can provide all your gear, or pack and bring your own.

Price List

Call us 9a to 7p To Reserve 562-286-6600


Q: How long is the jetski ride?

The complete ride from Long Beach to your camping Beach is 27 miles.  It takes from 1.5 to 2 hrs to jetski there depending upon how much ocean wildlife we see on the way.

Q: What time do we depart Long Beach?

We meet at our dock on 8am to load your camping items on the boat and get you outfitted for your jetski ride. We depart LB by 8:45AM.

Q: Do you provide camping gear?

We have multiple options for your convenience and budget.  We can handle everything, or save money and bring along your own gear.  

Q: What is the largest size group we can book?

Our maximum camping group is 15 jetskis.  You can ride 1 or 2 people on a jetski.  We do require a minimum of 6 jetskis to book this camping trip.

Q: How Secluded is the Beach?

We use a few different beaches depending upon your needs.  Total seclusion / no facilities beaches to moderate seclusion and moderate facilities.  We will select your beach after we better understand your needs.

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